Belinda Grealy 

Global Head of Commercial Excellence

Belinda Grealy is the Global Head of Commercial Excellence for Orica. As the leading global supplier of commercial explosives, Orica operates in every major mining market across more than 100 countries. Following a successful career managing both the European and South-East Australia business it is the background of leading culturally diverse teams and customer experience management that has led to a global portfolio of governance, enterprise sales capability and systems implementation and embedding customer feedback into strategic and structural advances.

What’s a BIO without a backstory? Having been awarded the University Medal and earned a BSc Honors Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration with the University of Newcastle, Australia, Belinda commenced her professional career with BHP Steelworks in 1993.

A career based on opportunity for advancement or sideways growth has been cultivated in the Australian Heavy Industry landscape. Belinda is recognised for successfully delivering improved performance in complex commercial and operational management roles within steel and aluminium manufacturing, rail haulage and logistics, as well as stevedoring and blasting services.  An advocate and role model for STEM based careers, she has continued to collaborate with educational and technical institutions to open minds and highlight career pathways in industries that are being re-imagined.

Challenging organisations in which she operates, Belinda is focussed on introducing and unlocking diverse talent as well as utilising a collaborative and relational approach to advance technology offerings for Orica’s customers.

Recently moving back to Newcastle, Australia from Manchester, United Kingdom has seen Belinda return to some of her greatest loves; family and surf lifesaving whilst connecting online to the amazing teams spread across the globe.